Reimbursement and




Praktijk Brainconnection works together with play therapist Jorine van Beurden from Praktijk Speltherapie Eindhoven. Partly as a result of this collaboration, the costs are reimbursed by most health insurers and fall under the 'alternative medicine' chapter. Contact the health insurance company for more information. The invoice is paid by the client to the play therapist and then the invoice is submitted to the health insurer. 

Additional information can be found via the Zorgwijzer.


Praktijk Speltherapie Eindhoven is affiliated with the Brabant Care Cooperative "Zorgcoöperatie Brabant" (ZCB) within the framework of the Youth Act "Jeugdwet" (via PGB or ZIN). By requesting a referral from your doctor, the treatment can be reimbursed.