Boy - 6 years: ("I found a secret room to be happy")


We were an expat family and living in NL. After 1 year, our son-6 years old -started to new school meaning another change in his life. He started to show his ressistant in school. His teacher was passing daily feedback like he interupts lesson, never participates to activities, bullying and hitting etc.

Also, our son was so unhappy and as parents, we were trying to find a solution and that is how we met Nonna!
After having her play therapy, we got the view about our son’s feelings and put ourselves in his shoes. It was so helpful and turning point in our life that we learned how to take care of his feelings. Now we see a happy, energetic and motivated boy. So we would like to say great thanks to Nonna for her guidance to find out our way, to open a new chapter in our life❤️

EA Family